Friday Favorites #13

Fingers crossed today’s post doesn’t magically disappear

Happy Friday, friends! I’m so thankful it’s Friday. I am more than ready for the weekend. I think it’s going to be a low key one around here, which is definitely what I need to fully recuperate from this sickness I’ve had. Being sick around Christmastime is no fun. 

Today, as in the past, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite things from this week that I’m excited to share with you! So let’s get to this week’s edition of Friday FavoritesClick over to Heather’s or Clare’s blog to check out more Friday Favorites! 

1.Lipton’s Citrus Green Tea. I have been literally craving this stuff. I used to drink it a long time ago in high school. I recently re-discovered it, and I can’t get enough. So good!


2.Keeping with the Lipton Tea theme, I’ve also been loving this hot Lipton Cranberry Pomegranate Green Tea. It is absolutely delicious and warms me right up. I’ve been having a cup, almost daily, with my afternoon snack. 


3.I recently received 2 new pairs of Fabletics leggings (<–affiliate link). I’m pretty sure anytime that I’m not in actual “real” clothes (aka: work clothes) I’m in one of these leggings. They are so comfortable, not to mention cute! I’m sure my husband is sick of seeing me in them. But, he’ll just have to deal. (#fail at taking an actual real picture of me IN the leggings)


4.One pot and crock pot meals have been my jam lately. I recently made this Super Easy Mexican Crock-Pot Casserole via the Hummusapien. If you’re looking for a ridiculously easy, yummy, and healthy meal, this is it. John raved about it!

I also made this One Pan Veggie Fajita Pasta dish. Again, so easy and delicious – and rather spicy! I think I was a little heavy handed with the spices. 


5.What is it about Hallmark Christmas movies? I’m usually not one for silly movies full of angels doing magical things, Santa setting people up, etc, but I’m hooked on these crazy Hallmark Christmas movies. In part because it seems I’m a sucker for a sweet romance movie, no matter how silly. When I has home sick on Wednesday, I’m pretty sure that’s all I watched. And it was lovely. 

6.Chuncky Cable Knit scarves are definitely on my Christmas wish list. I don’t have one, but they look so warm and cozy. I’m all about they layering look this winter, too. 


7. And some of my favorite links from the week;

Not the Time for a Boozy Joke – Because this is hilarious!

Hope When Things Don’t Turn Out the Way You Plan- because I’m a big planner by nature, and His plans always trump mine

5 Quick & Easy Christmas Gifts on a Budget- because who isn’t on a budget and in need of a quick gift at least ONCE during this season?!

Healthy Habits I’m Failing At - because we’re all human and no one’s perfect. Thanks for sharing, Annette!

Changing Your Sleeping Habits - because I’m a horrible sleeper and horrible at getting enough sleep. Good tips and insights. 

About That Holiday Crazy – Amen, Amen, Amen!!!! We’ve got to remember to slow down, enjoy this time of family and friends, and remember the true reason for the season. 

Exercise Less to Reduce Stress – Another great, thought provoking post by Brittany. Because in the healthy living stigma, exercise is supposed to lesson your stress, right? Until it’s just causing it. 

Food and Exercise Shouldn’t Touch - Because too often we can fall into the trap of believing that reducing food intake can give us that lean, toned body we want. 

Have a fabulous weekend! Rest, Relax, and ENJOY!

Let’s Chat…

1. What winter fashion trend have you been loving?

2. What is on your Christmas wish list?

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