Encouragement for the Man in Your Life

We all need encouragement at times, and the macho men in our lives are no different. When it comes to their jobs, specifically. Men are wired to be “do-ere” and tend to find their confidence and their jobs and the things they accomplish. They like to “conquer.”

Let me paint a picture for you. Has your husband, significant other, brother, dad, etc. ever been so determined to accomplish or figure out a mundane task? That you just don’t get? OR tried to give you every solution under the sun for a problem you’ve voiced, when all you want is just to air your feelings and perhaps get a little sympathy? I’ve been there, and I’m willing to be you have to. It’s just the way those sweeties are wired.  


So, how can you offer your man encouragement when he’s feeling down, unaccomplished, frustrated, or defeated?

Encouragement for the Man in Your Life

1.Give him time

You may not understand why he must finish this or that right then, or why he won’t let you give it a try. I don’t understand it either, but I do know that you need to give your man some time. Let hime try, try, and try again. Chances are he’ll figure it out, and as a result feel as if he “conquered” the task.

2.Be there

Men aren’t usually the first to open up and are not usually the “let’s talk about it type.” And that’s ok. Nine times out of ten, you can tell when something is up. If you gently prod and realized there’s not going to be any talking about the issue, that’s ok. Just BE there. Show your support by sitting with him and being available. 

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3.Go about business as normal

My husband and I recently had this conversation. He told me that sometimes when he’s in a funk, he doesn’t need me to tip-toe around, rather he just wants me to keep on doing, being, and carrying on normally. Why? Because it may snap him out of it. John recently told me that when I carry on life as normal, it helps him realize that whatever he’s stressing over really isn’t that big of a deal 



When your man is ready to talk. Listen. And only listen. Unless he asks for advice, you may want to save that for later. He likely knows the answer, and like us women, wants understanding and sometimes confirmation in his feelings. 

 5.Support him and be his biggest cheerleader.

Men are wired to be leaders. So let him lead. Men are to be the heads of households, and although women are no less equal, our roles are different. Support your husband in the decisions that he makes in the business world and in your family. Chances are you’ve already talked about the big stuff, and the small stuff…well, he’s your husband and you should trust him. Cheer him on in his endeavors and stand behind him. 


We women have so much power over the men in our lives. I encourage you to use it for good, ladies. You’ll be treating the men in your lives, but you’ll be doing yourself a treat, too. We all want happy men in our lives, right?

Happy Tuesday!

Let’s Chat…

1. What are your thoughts on the subject?

2. What are your tips for encouraging the men in YOUR life?

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