Friday Favorites: Fashion Edition {4/24/15}

Hi friends!

How was your mid-week? Mine was super busy, hence the reason for not posting since Tuesday. Seems that my M.O. lately is blogging on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Hey…whatever works!

I’m in total survival mode. We have a month left until school is out for summer, and I’m as unmotivated and desperate for summer as the kids are!

Anyway, in usual Friday form, I’m here to share my favorite moments and things from the week past.

Thanks to Heather, Clare, and Katie for the link ups!

This week, I’m super proud of myself because I actually remembered to take a photo everyday when I got home from school before changing into my “comfys” – aka: capri leggings/Nike Tempo shirts and an super old sorority t-shirt.

I thought it’d be fun to share some of my spring fashion (if you can even call it that) favorites.



First of all, my apologies for the lighting and grainy photo quality.

Sundresses are definitely my go-to during the warmer months. Light and airy and so comfortable. This dress is from Old Navy and shoes are MIA.



Tuesday was a bit on the cooler side, so I decided to go with white jeans from Target and a flowy, comfortable top from Old Navy. I LOVE the top because it’s flowy, but still has shape to it, so it doesn’t look like a bag on me.



While skirts and tighter tops aren’t my absolute favorites, I just purchased this skirt from Ann Taylor Loft. I loved the playful, fun, criss-cross design. I thought it was a unique cut and really different.

The shirt is an old one from Gap. My shoes are the same shoes as I wore on Monday. The red necklace is one of my favorites. I purchased it last year at Target and wear it ALL the time.



I was  aaalllll about the comfort. Well, more so than usual anyway. My hubby recently purchased the grey sneakers (similar – couldn’t find the exact ones) from Old Navy after hearing me say how much I loved them. I just think the throw-back Keds style shoes are so cute!

I paired them with skinny cropped pants my LC Lauren Conrad that I picked up at Khols, a denim vest from Target, and a white tee.

Looking back, it seems I was quite fond of the blue + white combo this past week!

I’d say that the past four days pretty well represent what I wear to work on a weekly basis, I like to mix it up between dresses and pants, more comfortable looks, and a bit dressier outfits.

A Few Other Favorites From the Week-

New Recipe

We tried a new chicken recipe on Tuesday night. I made these Roasted Jalapeño Pineapple and Chicken Tenders and served them atop rice with a (unpictured) side salad. While they were quite delicious, they were very spicy! We will probably make them again, but perhaps with smaller jalapeño slices!



Earth Day Painting

Every once in a while, we have to break all the rules and whip out the paint. After state testing on Wednesday, my kids were fried. Seeing as it was Earth Day, I figured what better time was there to get a little creative and bring out the paints. They had a blast and I managed to squeeze a bit of science in. Score!


Hot Duggar

This really made me laugh. So I love to watch the Duggar family on 19 Kids and Counting. There is just something so fascinating about how that family operates. Anyone else with me?

Anyway, my husband always jokingly refers to Jessa Duggar as “hot Duggar.” The other night he swore he started calling her that because he heard it somewhere. So I googled “hot Duggar.” Sure enough…look what popped up!



That about wraps it up for today! We have another low-key weekend planned and I couldn’t be more excited. All this state standardized testing stress has really worn me out. I’m looking forward to some relaxation, and hopefully a little restful busyness!

Have a great weekend!

Let’s Chat…

1. What do you wear to work?

2. Favorite spring/summer fashion?

3. Do you watch 19 Kids and Counting? Thoughts? 


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