A DIY Project + Weekend Wrap-Up

Good Monday morning!

I hope you had a great weekend! It was a good one over here!

Friday, I left work at noon…to start summer! Since John doesn’t get home until 5:30 or 6, I had the afternoon to myself. So, what did I do on my first afternoon of summer? Clean the bathrooms. Yep, and I loved every second of it (well, maybe that’s a stretch) because they needed cleaning badly! Don’t worry though, the afternoon wasn’t totally lame. I also went for a much needed pedicure.


And it’s already chipped. :-( Just an excuse to go for another pedi sooner rather than later.

Saturday began with a workout via Fitness Blender (<–great online resource for TONS of workouts!)and then John and I headed out for a little lunch date.

We then headed to our local home improvement store to pick up supplies for a little project we had up our sleeves. We have this table in our entry-way that is soooo not my favorite. I got the idea in my head that we could re-do the top of it to look something like this.

I’d already painted the table to try to make it better, but I still wasn’t loving it. I suggested to John that we add planks to the top, and he was game.

hallway table before

After grabbing our supplies at the store, we headed home to being the measuring and cutting process.




We measured (& re-measuring), cut (& re-cut), before finally getting all the boards to the correct length and anglesWe then used wood glue to glue the boards to the top of the table. Since we were working furiously to get everything laid out, lined up, and squared off before the glue dried, I don’t have any pictures. I’m pretty sure John would’ve had a stroke if I’d stopped to snap a pic. 😉

After letting the glue dry for a good few hours, we then stained the boards. We chose a light grayish stain color called Driftwood that I absolutely love. I didn’t want a normal “wood colored” stain because I was going for a lighter look, plus I think it may have looked funny on this table.



We allowed the wood to dry overnight, before placing the items back on the table. I am absolutely in love with the finished product!

Hallway Table After


Please ignore the wires and shoes all over the place. 

We rounded out the weekend on Sunday with church, a chores around the house, grocery shopping, and food prep for the week.


In the mix this week: strawberries, guac, onions, pepperjack cheese, whole wheat pitas, lettuce, hummus, ground turkey, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, greek yogurt, green peppers, Kashi cookies, and whole wheat bagels.

I don’t want to brag, but I made the hubby’s breakfasts and lunches for the week…I feel accomplished. 😉

That pretty much sums up the weekend! I have no doubt today will be Marvelous (<–linking up with Katie) due to the fact that it’s my first official day of summer. I have plans to do whatever I want…all day long.

Let’s Chat…

1. What’s a DIY project you’ve done?

2. What’s was/is in your grocery haul for the week? It was a lighter week for us since we still have plenty of the “staples”  (oats, PB, quinoa, etc.) that didn’t need replacing this week. 

3. Plans for the day?

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  1. Katrina-Marie says

    Now that’s glass half full thinking! (But I mean, who doesn’t love a good pedi?!) 😉
    Love the table! That is so pretty– and crafty :)

    PS. Wires and shoes all over place?! That was the last thing on Earth I noticed lol

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