Thinking Out Loud #14

Thank you for your encouragement on yesterday’s post! Adding calories is not an easy thing, mentally, but I know it will pay off in the end in terms of both my health and happiness! Remind me of that regularly, please! 😉

Moving right along…what do you say about a little thinking out loud today?! Amanda hosts this little link-up weekly where bloggers have the opportunity to spill their brains and share whatever randomness is swirling around. In my case, that’d be a whole lot of random going on!

1. Let’s talk home improvement projects. I want to do a lot of them. The only problem? DIY projects cost $$. I keep thinking of things I can do around the house, but they all involve going to spend money! That said, I want to do something like this in our bathroom (which is on the smaller side):

2. Speaking of money, I need to go back to work. Not to earn more money, but so I’ll stop SPENDING money. When you have a majority of the day to do with as you please, no schedule or time consuming obligations or commitments, spending money is so easy! A pair of shorts that are on sale, a quick run to the store to grab something for a new recipe, etc. It’s all innocent, but geez!

3. I’m jealous of all of you going to Blend this weekend! I’m sure it will be a blast! Looking forward to lots of recaps. Maybe next year…

4. Day 1 of adding calories –

And, no, that wasn’t all – that was the first add in, many more layers were added. 😉


5. As much as I like the message of the “Happy” song by Pharrell Williams, I am so sick of hearing it. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but oh my…can we please cut back to playing it, oh, I don’t know…once an hour? Gasp! Plus, then it gets stuck in my head

6. Growing up, my grandparents owned a few condos at the beach. So, I was spoiled into thinking that everyone goes to the beach each summer – sometimes multiple times. When they sold their condominiums a few years back (because it was too much upkeep), I was quickly ushered into the real world – going to the beach is a luxury, not to be taken for granted!

That said, my parents have graciously kept up our yearly beach trips. It’s such a fun time because my whole family goes + husbands/boyfriends/friends. This year’s beach trip is in TWO weeks! Ahhhh! I’m flipping excited!!! And desperately need a tan, but that’s beside the point. This year will be a bit different since 3 of us 5 kids are college graduates and work real life jobs(so over-rated, amiright?), but everyone will be able to go down for at least a few days. I’m really looking forward to both family and beach time.


Last year’s trip – minus my brother Mark, and plus a few friends and my grandmother

7. I’m an über nerd who’s excited about re-vamping and re-organizing my classroom. #nerdalert. But, seriously, you can’t say you didn’t get excited to get new school supplies each year. It’s like that feeling x 10 (definitely not 100, or 1000 though).

8. I’ve got a major itch to bake today. The problem is though, that I can’t ever decide on what I want to make. Partly because I’m awful at decision making. Make the decision for me?

9. Because laughter is good for us and because, let’s be honest, these are so true:


10. Well, I’m off to decide what to bake, not spend money, and perhaps begin some home improvement projects.

Happy Friday Eve!!!

Let’s Chat…

1. When was the last vacation you went on? Is there anywhere you and your family go yearly?

2. What should I bake today?

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